Join us for a CAL KAL Crochet or Knit Along Game!

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We have started a crocheting and knitting game on our facebook,please come join us.  You need 6 yarns of any kind, and the hook or needles appropriate for the yarn.

You can choose to make a scarf(or cowl) or a shawl(or it could be a lap blanket), it's up to you! To start, go to we suggest printing out one of these pictures below.  They should be a full page and you can list your 6 yarns on it.  There's plenty of room for notes, too; so you can track what needle or hook size, type of project, etc. which is a good thing, since we already realized parts were left out!

On the knitting version:
For stitch patterns 3, 5, and 6, WS rows are to be done as pattern #2
For pattern 4, this is meant to be 2x2 ribbing, so on the reverse, knit if the knit side is facing you, purl if the purl side is.

On the crochet version, the stitch counts may need to be 'fudged' to make the stitch pattern work for the rows; for example on patterns 4 and 6, you need an odd number of stitches instead of an even number.  Do what you need to to make it work, and use the edge row of hdc to return to the correct stitch count. should be the facebook group we made, and we hope to see your projects!

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