Happy Granny Square Day!

Crochet granny square pattern tote bag

Did you know today is granny square day?  I am making a quick little tote bag using my favorite variation:  The slip stitch free granny square.

I no longer remember where I first saw this, but the pattern is NOT one I came up with; it eliminates the need to slip stitch over at the beginning of each round *and* eliminates needing to turn to keep the corners straight, all with a simple hdc stitch!

Start out however you normally do, do everything *except* joining the last corner to your starting point.

Do a hdc into the top of your starting chain.  Look at that, you are already in the center of the corner, no slip stitches needed!  To start your next round, you just do your starting corner around that final hdc as if it were chain stitches.  Do that at the end and start of every round, and suddenly granny squares are a more fun project!




Expect the exact pattern for this tote I am working on at a later date.


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